Resume of the actor Florian Hillion

Welcome to my official website, I am Florian Hillion, actor for cinema and TV. On this page you can discover my career.

After a literary baccalaureate, I trained for two years in Performing Arts at the University of Rennes II. During this second year, learning about the history of art and cinema, I decided to participate in a play which will then take place in the Parc du Thabor in the city of Rennes.

This is how I found myself in the main role of ” Quisaitout et Grobêta ” written by Coline Serreau on a free adaptation of young colleagues of that time .

After a first foray “on the stage”, I wanted to explore acting in greater depth. So in 2011 I began a three-year acting course at the prestigious Cours Florent school in Paris. I graduated in June 2014. During this time I also tried my hand at the famous “free class” competition for which I was among the 80 finalists in the 3rd round out of the 2000 candidates in the first round.

At the same time, I feel the desire to try something different than acting and writing. I then decide to launch my own video creations, I then create many projects that you will be able to browse (partly) on this site.

You will find on this site the following projects:

Popcorn en boîte: Web-emission of film reviews of the latest theatrical releases based on humorous sketches. I am personally directing the whole programme: actors from the Cours Florent course, including the 3D sets (especially the cinema). To discover my channel click here.
Popcorn en court: Web-streaming of film reviews of the latest theatrical releases in a shorter format. This formula uses some of the codes of “Popcorn in a box”, but is lighter since I am then alone behind and in front of the camera.
Popcorn in series: Another format! Still the Youtube channel, which consists of “hot” reactions to television series. We’re moving away from the classic film critic format to play on the live feeling one might have when watching a TV programme with friends, all enhanced with humorous animations.
Bjorg: In 2016, I had the opportunity to present a pilot programme for the Bjorg brand (organic food) in the role of TV columnist, the results of which you can see on this site. I took care of the writing of the show as well as the shooting, framing and editing.
Festo Didactic: In 2017, I had the opportunity to shoot a video for Festo. I am now in the role of a presenter of teaching material for professional training courses.
Popcorn REBOOT: Actu 2018, the latest news to date, I publish a video EVERY week on Monday at 7pm! The idea? Telling the story of an episode of a series! OF COURSE in my own way! See you on my YOUTUBE Popcorn Box Channel

If you have projects that require one or more of the skills I offer, I would be happy to discuss them with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the menu on the left in the “Contact me” section, I can be reached by email or directly by phone.